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Return on Love - develeap

Conversations with Dori Kafri, CEO of Develeap, about management, leadership, self-improvement, vision, and leading successful teams.

Dori Kafri.png

DevOps for non DevOps - develeap

New podcast weblog Explaining DevOps concepts. 


Nasmia et kolam

The podcast of the Student and Youth Council of the Tel Aviv District, led by the Tel Aviv District Education Center, the Society and Youth Administration.


Voices From AWS Summit 2023

Interviews directly from the AWS conference with founders to entrepreneurs to DevOps experts 


Tech Tuesday Unboxed

leading DevOps and tech experts who talk about the latest trends and best practices


MeTaf Vead Alef 

The first podcast from of the Educational Psychological Service and the Education Division in Ramat Hasharon

mtaf vead alef logo.jpeg

DevOps X2 - develeap

Short episodes. Big DevOps ideas. A podcast about the essential DevOps concepts you need to know.

kobi avshalom.jpg

Coming soon...

Three more podcasts have begun production at the start of the year and are anticipated to launch in the upcoming months, stay tuned :)

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