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Dafniel Magen

 I'm creating hand-crafted audio content that empowers speakers and delivers exceptional value. I create, produce, record and edit podcasts, speakers, and valuable conversations for hi-tech companies, SMBs, and public organizations.

My expertise lies in transforming abstract professional ideas into compelling content that builds and captivates audiences: developing formats, themes, and ideas for experts to tell their stories.

​I hold a B.A. in Communications from Reichman University and an M.F.A. in Film from Tel-Aviv University.​

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I specialize in crafting podcasts that offer significant value to the organization, helps unleash their inherent potential, and promotes a culture of change among employees. All professional equipment is top-of-the-line, advanced technology. My services encompass:

Content Development

From creative formats to planning and outlining episode structures.

Managing recording sessions

Directing hosts and guests before and during recordings.

Editing +

Editing raw recordings, incorporating music, and publishing episodes to hosting platforms.


קליניקת מיילדות

שיחות על הריון, לידה והתפתחות עם שלוש מיילדות מוסמכות - עפרית פק, איה פרישר ויובל בסון העובדות יחד


מטף ועד אלף

הפודקאסט הראשון מבית היוצר של השירות הפסיכולוגי החינוכי ואגף החינוך ברמת השרון

mtaf vead alef logo.jpeg

Return on Love - develeap

Conversations with Dori Kafri, CEO of Develeap, about management, leadership, self-improvement and leading successful teams

Dori Kafri.png

Debbuging  Human Communication

Dr. Shani Horowitz-Rozen is on a mission to help techies break the binary barrier between tech and communications


 מקום לכל אות

מירן בניתה מנכ״ל והבעלים של חברת


בשיחות עם בעלי העסקים הכי מעניינים

קאבר לפודקסט.jpeg

נשמיע את קולם

הפודקאסט של מועצת התלמידים והנוער מחוז תל אביב בהובלת מרכז הדרכה מחוז תל אביב, מינהל חברה ונוער


DevOps for non DevOps

Explaining DevOps concepts one episode at a time


Tech Tuesday Unboxed

leading DevOps and tech experts who talk about the latest trends and best practices



Recordings can take place either at your  preferred location or at a studio in Tel Aviv for your convenience.

We can collaborate in both English and Hebrew.

Let's talk

For further details, contact me and we'll find attractive tailored package prices together.

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